Harnessing Remix Culture In The Classrooms

Remix culture is everywhere. It is something that everyone engages in whether or not they are aware of it.

In education specifically, there are many ways to incorporate it into the daily lives of your students.

Instead of doing an assessment or an activity on pen and paper, you can allow the students to get creative with what they learn and know.

Something crucial about remix culture is that in order to create the remixed piece, knowledge of the original piece is quite crucial. This helps show their understanding of the material while at the same time allowing them the freedom to express it in their own way.

There are several specific remixing that can be done. One of the major ones is videos because they allow for students to express a message or information in a way that they take control of. They can decide how to present their information and what props to use. They can edit the material based on their likes/dislikes and preferences.

This website ilustrated an example of medical students that created a video to learn material.


the video link :

This is an example of remixing because it shows the creativity of the students and shows their understanding of the material. It is also a whole lot easier to remember than words from a textbook. It’s made by students in a way that is relatable by other students.

Another example is websites that allow you to create art that is a combination of different things and in the end allows you to remix various pictures and objects to create a piece


You can provide students with different materials and ideas that were previously done and ask them to combine them to create something new.

Something else that comes to mind is reading two different stories but then asking the students to combine those two stories together to create a new version.

Similar to crossover TV series episodes.


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