Multiliteracies in a Primary/Junior Classroom Setting

There are many media forms that exist in the world today and there are many ways to incorporate these medias into the classroom environment. Incorporating doesn’t necessarily mean that it is effective which is why when we decide to put these medias into the class, we have to ensure that the students are making the most of it and they’re being used effectively. One way in which I would incorporate media is by doing daily physical activities using online dancing videos. They’re are websites devoted to kids zumba and dance and I’ve seen them in various classrooms to be very effective. The children look forward to it everyday and even ask to pick their own song everytime! This is exiting because it shows their level of interest and they’re eager to do something that they may not normally enjoy doing. This media platform opens up a wide array of songs and videos with which the students can interact. Another thing that I would incorporate is allowing the students some time to explore the multiliteracies themselves. Instead of the teacher constantly giving instruction and monitoring what they should be doing, the students should be given a chance to explore these medias. Another thing I want to ensure is that I ensure multimodality. I shouldn’t just stick to paper and pen. If there are different ways of getting my message across, I want to make sure I try as many as I can to make sure I reach as many of the kids as I possibly can. Something to keep in mind is that if at this age level, I want students to interact with these medias, I have to provide them with the opportunities and resources to access these various forms to create their own meanings of the respresentations. At the end of the day, I want the children to understand that there is more to the world than what meets the eye. All these various media forms can have multiple meaning given to them depending on what the children perceive them as. Expressions, gestures, sounds, language – everything is part of the multiliteracies and this is something the children should become aware of through the various opportunities that teachers can provide.


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